Clean Cotton 90ml


Relax and unwind with the gorgeously smelly Clean Cotton 90ml candle.
This Snelly Candle experience is a subtle mix of fresh linen with a touch of musky floral accord, violet and orange blossom, with refreshing hints of Jasmine and Lily.

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All Snelly Candles are hand poured and hand crafted to ensure your Snelly Candle, is beautifully unique and gorgeously smelly.
All candles are made with soy wax and a cotton wick.
Advisory burn times -90ml-23hrs, 200ml-31hrs, 300ml-43hrs. Please note that these burn times are advisory only and climate, location and treatment of the candle will determine its longevity.
As each Snelly Candle is hand crafted it will visually differ from the pictures shown making it a one of a kind just for you!


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